Hey!  So here I am in my little camper, nestled in the Shenandoah Valley in northern VA.  Spent the past hour working on a song in my mobile studio after a morning of driving through New York and PA.

The landscape of the north is so starkly moving this time of the year; everything is reduced to black, white, and gray, with the slightest hits of color lingering in the sumac berries and the yellow-brown fields.  Hawks perch over meadows on telephone wires, watching for rodents.  Icicles cling to the blasted gunmetal gray rockfaces that wall in the highway; or rather, that were dynamited to make way for it.

As I drove further south, the coating of snow turned to a dusting on the ground, and then vanished altogether, leaving the yellow fields and the highwayside litter bare.  Driving south this time of year is a little like going back in time to a few months ago.  In a couple months, driving down here will seem like a hop forward in time; the Johnny jump ups are already blossoming at the rest stops in mid February.  I know this from driving down to stay with my dying mother that time last year.

It’s peaceful here at the Shenandoah River State Park.  Appalachia rolls out behind my campsite.  I’ve got a space heater and the propane furnace going.  My plan for the remainder of the evening is to take a walk, draw, write music, read, and turn in fairly early so I can get on the road to Asheville at a reasonable hour.

See y’all tomorrow.