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How to Not Ever Chill

Some of us are built with more powerful combustion engines than others.  I’m packing a V8.  She’s got some years on her but still runs strong and clean, even on a steady diet of camper-cooked egg sandwiches and spaghetti with Prego sauce bought at the 7-11.  I get it from my grandmother Carmen, who just […]


Hey!  So here I am in my little camper, nestled in the Shenandoah Valley in northern VA.  Spent the past hour working on a song in my mobile studio after a morning of driving through New York and PA. The landscape of the north is so starkly moving this time of the year; everything is […]

Hitting the road

A couple of years ago I became infected with an idea.  This is how it usually works with me.  I have some ecstatic vision of an imagined future and then spend the next few years ravenous for it, tearing up obstacles by their roots and loping toward it like some kind of werewolf.  It feels […]